Postmarks - Getting Started

last updated 2023-09-01


Thanks for setting up a Postmarks instance. If you're just getting started, you should have access to a in your Glitch project editor or in the root directory of the source code you're trying to run. I recommend taking a look at that for the most up-to-date instructions on what you need to do to set up and claim ownership of this website.

Thanks! I hope you enjoy Postmarks. Once you've got admin access set up, you're welcome (even encouraged) to delete the bookmark to this and the other default bookmarks after you've read through them. You can do that from the "Edit" link on any individual bookmark; there's also a "Delete all bookmarks" button on the "Admin" page of the site if you haven't added anything else you want to keep.


It should be well noted that this site wouldn't be possible without the work/support of a lot of other people. First and foremost thank you to Darius Kazemi for all the work he's done to make the Fediverse and ActivityPub understandable and accessible and to be an advocate for thoughtful experimentation on the technical and social levels of all of this. Thanks to everyone who worked on the ActivityPub protocol and its predecessors, to Darius (again) and Ben and Mouse for inspiring me with their AP-related work, Anil for prodding me when I was dragging my heels on actually shipping because of some fake idea of "finishing" a piece of software, and to my coworkers at Glitch both for writing the starter code that I remixed in order to create this site and for supporting me when I said "I want to make a weird thing using ActivityPub and Glitch and it's inspired by these 3 websites I'm obsessed with, one of which most people barely even remember".

(lost? This is a demonstration bookmark for Postmarks, a new piece of software that lives on the Fediverse.)

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