Postmarks - Future Ideas

last updated 2023-09-05

There's still lots to do on Postmarks, but here's a couple larger ideas describing where I'd like to see it go after the initial launch.

Better Postmarks⇔Postmarks cross-instance functionality

Postmarks currently makes it possible for you to follow one instance from another, but the "comment" functionality that exists on the platform is read-only and thus only aggregates replies from people who see your post when it's federated to a platform like Mastodon or FireFish. Building commenting functionality directly into the Network page will allow you to interact with the fediverse at large, but also make Postmarks a self-contained platform for all aspects of its functionality.

Improve the frontend experience

I'm... not a frontend developer, in case that wasn't clear just by looking at the initial launch of Postmarks! I'd love to provide a richer experience, especially with things like better accessibility, form validation, autocomplete for tags, and probably any number of other things. I am proud of how much the site can do (and how fast it is) with a very small footprint (I'm launching it with almost no javascript on the client-side), but I think there's a balance to be found in terms of performance/simplicity and a productive experience.

Publishing via Micropub and any other applicable protocols

There's a lot of excitement around ActivityPub right now and it's nice that it enables two-way social functionality, but I'd also like to build some lightweight support for other publishing protocols into the app, so that no matter what methods your friends use to stay on top of what's happening on the web, Postmarks can provide that information for them. Atom support is already in the site, and if there are improvements that should be made there please let me know on the Github repo.

(lost? This is a demonstration bookmark for Postmarks, a new piece of software that lives on the Fediverse.)

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