Radio Backtracks

A streaming radio station playing a curated selection of music and sounds


A single-user, fediverse-enabled bookmarking platform

Archive Stumbler

The hottest way to browse Internet Archive collections: one random item at a time!

Wavelength Daily

A daily round of the hit tabletop game Wavelength played on Twitter every day.

A contest scoreboard tool with editing & display views for broadcast purposes, modeled after the high score board from the TV show Taskmaster.


A weekly email newsletter to share some of the albums and tracks that I've been excited about recently.


A weekly email that shows you your history from the same season in previous years. I've put a lot of data into over the years and it only seemed appropriate to get something out of that, and Backtracks has been doing a good job of helping me rediscover some of my old favorites.


A Discord server that collects & exhibits new creations by most of the generative bots I made for Twitter & Mastodon over the course of 2013-2018.

Animorphs Cinematic Universe

A Mastodon bot that generates new book covers for Animorphs novels starring famous celebrities.

Nethack Nights

A Twitch stream I ran in 2016-17 where I learned how to play the 1987 game Nethack with the goal of finally beating it, a feat I've never accomplished.

ZZT Cartography

A set of maps generated from the source files of hobbyist-created games made for the DOS-based Game Creation System ZZT.

Video Games But With Guns

Here's a ridiculous idea. What if we added... guns... to video games????


Generating new silent films from the Charlie Chaplin catalog that take place within the Pokémon universe.


A Twitter bot that ominously zooms in on things in public domain images. It's sometimes hilarious and sometimes spooky.


A Slack bot that takes GIF images as its input and outputs a new version of the GIF that fades the screen to red and overlays the word "wasted", mimicking the Game Over screen from the Grand Theft Auto series of video games.

The Upgrade Button

The "Upgrade Button" meme exploded on Twitter during mid-December 2015. This bot was formulated as a response to my other bot @hotter_exe's reactionary pro-video game politics.

Abstract Factory

The podcast I host with Mark Wunsch where we talk about the stuff that matters to us: technology, mostly, but how it intersects with culture, art, and society at large.


A web-based implementation of the Exquisite Corpse technique for writing stories. Find a story and you'll be shown one of the most recent sentences written in that story, but nothing before that. Figure out what sentence should come next, send that in, and then follow the story along as it goes.


A Twitter bot that deals hands of cards for a mysterious and possibly playable card game!

At the End

A set of short stories I wrote in 2014 & 2015 about things ending. I wanted to play with Medium's "collection" tools and decided this was a good place to publish these, a few of which I had shared in various forms across the internet previously.


My blog, collecting writing, project announcements and sharing interesting things I've come across over the years. Includes pretty much everything I had on a blog post-Livejournal in one place.


The best Twitter bot resource for pictures, names, and titles of businessmen, including fun holiday businessmen.


An exercise in generating new instances of a meme that was briefly popular in the wake of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, this bot has taken on a bit of a life of its own.


A set of command-line tools for archiving tweets in JSON and HTML form. A must-have for all the tweet hoarders out there like me.


My Twitter bot, making Magic: the Gathering cards sound dirty since 2013.


One of my earliest Twitter bots and a personal favorite even to this day, it generates tweets that play on the old saying "red sky at morning, sailors take warning / red sky at night, sailor's delight."

A no-frills tool to register an event and ask your friends for RSVPs the day of the event. Useful for getting a headcount for a dinner or board game night!

The Hunger Names

Collaborating with John Holdun and Keith Calder, The Hunger Names was a single-serving website that spawned from discussing how funny the names in the books were. A few months later the first movie in the series came out and the site became a huge viral hit, garnering media coverage and over 1.5MM pageviews.

Warp Skip

Between 2009 and 2012, I ran a site with my friends Scott Hammack and Allison Parrish where we reviewed, ran marathons on, and made japes of a variety of video games, new and old, that we thought were worth talking about.