my roommate wrote "cop meat" in sharpie on every slice of ham in the fridge. i have to throw it all out now. fuckin hate living with banksy

is anyone out there a good lawyer who can get me out of a housing contract? my roommate, banksy, spraypainted "the government" on our toilet

my roommate banksy wrote "ground" over the "coke" on all our cans of coke zero. now he's stomping on them and yelling "i'm the government"

my roommate banksy is a total jerk. he wrote "the mainstream media" on a big hammer and used it to smash all of our lightbulbs

i need a new roommate. my current roommate, banksy, put on a cop uniform and taped bags of drugs to all the black stuff in our house

let me know if anyone in the la area is looking for a new roommate. my current roommate, banksy, replaced all my dvds with hotel rwanda

i have lived with banksy for three years and he still screams "looks like the circus is in town" anytime he sees our neighbor wearing a suit

the first 6 months i lived with banksy he paid rent by sealing pennies in a jar labeled "WORLD PEACE" and making me smash it to get my money

banksy isn't even trying anymore

my roommate bansky is at it again. he made coffee and said he put something inside that would "REALLY wake me up"

i told my roommate, secretive uk street artist banksy, that his friend couldn't crash here and he left this on my bed

my roommate, reclusive street artist banksy, is late on rent cause he blew his savings replacing all our TP with this