Old Programming Projects

Last updated 12 June 2010

This is an archive for a bunch of really old projects I've worked on. Most of them are Windows executables, and I don't have a Windows computer any more, so I can't tell you if they work on modern Windows systems. They're really just archived here for posterity. For the ZZT game and QBASIC files you'll need their respective interpreters.

-Casey Kolderup

[sic] is a ZZT game I wrote after spending some time in middle school obsessed with games like winter, p0p, and Kudzu. It was an attempt to create the same alien atmosphere and oblique puzzles. It requires a working knowledge of violins and the use of the rot13 substitution cipher. So: obliqueness achieved.

tag.bas was the first game I wrote from scratch. Two players can control different balls moving around the screen. One player is "IT" and only by colliding with the other player can they transfer this status. It's extremely simple but was a good way to get a grasp on drawing graphics to the screen.

Tris.bas was my final project in the "Advanced QBASIC" course I took in high school (yeah, yeah...) It supports multiple levels and "tilesets" as well as a basic scoreboard.

Lights Out was my first Visual Basic program. It's "Lights Out".

I was obsessed with Bejeweled when it first came out and was taking a semester-long course in Visual Basic in high school at the same time, so I wrote my own version of the game in class so that I could play it at school.

The 3d maze was an experiment with Visual Basic to create a first-person maze that could be navigated in the fashion of old PC games like Might & Magic or Doom.

Uou is a Sudoku program written in C# with a couple of my friends in college. It can generate puzzles of varying difficulty, load and save puzzles in-progress, and offer help in solving puzzles.

Swinemeeper is a Minesweeper clone. One of my coworkers wanted to play Minesweeper at the part time job I worked at but it had been removed from our computers, so we wrote it ourselves.

334-Projects.zip is just a zip file containing all of the projects I did during my Introduction to Computer Graphics course in college. There are some OpenGL/associated library DLLs that should be in 334-Project2.zip, but if not, you'll have to locate them yourself in order to run most of these projects.

The Delphi Game Collection was something my coworkers and I worked on during some downtime at work one summer. We wanted to learn about the Win32 Console API and got carried away, building a suite of games including Snake, Samegame, Bejeweled, Tetris, and even a "Paint" application that can save/load images in a ".PNT" file format. Documentation is in the ZIP file.