Last updated 12 June 2010

This isn't a complete list of podcasts I listen to, but it's a list of the ones that are either among my absolute favorites or that I think might be less well-known and deserve some promotion.

-Casey Kolderup

Current Favorites

Another Castle
An interview show with game developers in the New York City area.
Build & Analyze
A news show about the world of iOS and mobile web development with podcaster Dan Benjamin and developer Marco Arment.
A video podcast about downloadable video games.
Hype Machine Radio Show
A monthly radio show featuring the most-played music among the indie music blogging scene.
Jordan, Jesse GO!
a comedy/improv podcast about two friends and new sincerity
A Life Well Wasted
a long-form single-topic video game podcast in the vein of This American Life.
The Moth Podcast
People tell true stories from their life without notes. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, often both.
Onion News Network
A video podcast analagous to the print version of The Onion. Surprisingly high production values and amazing writing.
Analysis of science and culture with a fascinating and fresh approach to audio editing.
Sound Opinions
A weekly show about music hosted by Chicago's foremost music critics. News, reviews, and weekly topics/interviews/in-studio mini-concerts.
The Sound of Young America
Interviews with fantastic comedians, musicians, actors, writers, directors, etc. Also features entire podcasts of comedy and music of up-and-coming artists.
Stop Podcasting Yourself
A weekly podcast starring two comedians from Vancouver and a weekly guest. This podcast makes me laugh embarrassingly loudly in public.
There You Are
Weekly conversations between the always hilarious @dansai and @jalex.
This American Life
Stories, fiction and non-fiction about a weekly topic.
WireTap with Jonathan Goldstein
A comedy podcast from the CBC. (Unofficial feed since show is not syndicated as a podcast by the CBC)
You Look Nice Today
An esoteric comedy podcast about three guys looking for business opportunities.

The Podcast Graveyard

The Idle Thumbs Podcast
A comedy podcast about video games from a slightly more critical viewpoint than most "enthusiast gaming press" podcasts/blogs. Gone, but not forgotten.
ill doctrine
Jay Smooth's video podcast about hip-hop, politics, and more.
LA BLOGOTHEQUE - Takeaway Shows
a french website's awesome videos of bands performing, usually acoustic and frequently in odd locations
1UP.com's Retronauts
in-depth discussion of classic gaming-related topics.